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Lampizator Big 7 - USB or SPDIF for PCM and BluRay?

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I have a Lampizator Big 7 and I just built a new media machine as the source (Streacom 10Alpha case, i7 chip, 32g DDR4, Bluray; fanless and silent..). I'm currently hooked up on USB, using Roon as my interface, playing Tidal via PCM and playing what DSD I can find so far. Am wondering if I should add my [email protected] sound card (will need to order a flexible extension cable as my case slots are horizontal) to allow me to install the card and use SPDIF or if there may be no benefit to my doing so - and just use USB for everything? Apart from Roon I also use the machine to play BluRays, so that's anther sound requirement..


Am keen to get suggestions, especially from any fellow Big 7 owners.


On a separate thread I still need to figure out how to use HQ Player to somehow stream Tidal as DSD (that sounds like a really good goal), in which case my above question would moot as I'd be using USB by definition then for all music, but there's still the question of BluRay - (better via USB or SPDIF through my [email protected] card)?


Thanks in advance for any guidance or suggestions!

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