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problem with audirvana - need help


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Simpler the better, you can try like me to organize your library... just one folder for A+ to look for.





If You Got Ears, You Gotta ListenCaptain Beefheart


MacMini, 4xi3 3.6GHz, SSD, 20Gb, macOS 12.0 > Audirvana Studio 1.6 >

Wyred DAC2 DSD Special Edition > Proceed AMP2 > Focal Cobalt 826 Signature Series >

Audirvana Remote > iPhone 11

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thanks guys. did the following. opened my mudic hd in finder. added a new folder and moved around 30 albums into it. still get the same error message when clicking on + to add to library.

then i saw in the library window 3 lines with some itunes stuff. removed it by clicking on -. this did the trick.

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