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Music server going - Aurender N100h in its place

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Had been musing about whether to move from PC based stuff for a while... Just before Xmas, decided to improve my bog-standard PC setup by investing in a full HDPlex H5 based system with new Gigabyte board, Paul Pang bits & Jcat USB card, then loaded Windows 2012 Essentials, HQPlayer, Audiophile Optimizer, Roon Server etc - Turned out to be quite a big step up in regards to SQ etc, but.....


I must be getting old... what I used to enjoy, the whole tweaking thing, building stuff etc, did not have the same 'fun factor' as I thought it would!


Fickle as I am (or must be), I decided last week to go buy an Aurender N100H, and although Roon and even JRiver are a better front end, I am very pleased with it. Indeed, I presume due to its relative simplicity, I found myself using the Aurender more...

As far as SQ is concerned, very little if anything in it... but I think the Music Server is a fraction better...


Anyhow, so there is a fully built Music Server up for grabs if anyone here wants it + LPS etc ... on fleabay - just search for it....





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