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High Resolution Technologies Music Streamer Anyone heard it?

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I ordered the Music Streamer yesterday to use in my office playback system:


MacBook Pro 2.4 Intel Core Duo with 2 GB 1067 MHz DDR3

Internal sound card through earphone output

AE Aego2 Sub-Satellite System


This actually sounds pretty good... based on the recent review in Stereophile, I decided to spend $100.00 and give it a try.


Wondered if any on the Forum have used/heard it...




Tillman in Florida



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I was going to post about this and found this thread just started yesterday.


I just got a $99.00 Music Streamer from Music Direct to use for a combo computer/vintage system I'm putting together for a basement hang-out/game room. (I've got a restored Pioneer SX-1250 and twin/stacked Large Advents that I'm going to feed with an old MacBook.)


I hooked this miniscule USB DAC up to my main rig, and...well...for $99.00 it's actually quite respectable. It certainly doesn't stand up to my Weiss DAC2, but on the other hand it doesn't sound crappy by any means.


For any of you looking to 'dip your toes' into computer audio or wanting an inexpensive USB DAC for a secondary system, this would fit the bill. HRT also makes a better version, called the Music Streamer + (as in "plus") for $299.00 that I've not heard.


Both of these DAC's have recently been favorably reviewed in both Stereophile and The Absolute Sound if anyone's interested.





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Yes, I heard the plus version. It was ok, a little dull yet for the money, a good unit.


Powerbook G4 15 inch Aluminum, \"Fidela,\" M2tech EVO (BNC)with RF attenuator,dedicated PSU, Stereovox XV Ultra (BNC) Audio Note Dac Kit 2.1 Level B Signature Upgraded to 12AU7 tubes, ARC SP-16L Tube preamp , VAC PA100/100 Tube Amp), Vintage Tubes, Furutech ETP-80, (Alon 2 Mk2, (upgraded tweeters, Usher Woofers), Pangea Power cords, Omega Micro Active Planar PC. Signal Cable Silver Resolution ICs.

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I received my $99 streamer in yesterday.


Installed it in my office and, Holy Cow, major improvement using el cheapo interconnects.


Switched to RSC Master interconnects and even better.


Conclusion (based on my office system detailed above)... Buy one now for your secondary system for sure. And if you do not have a USB DAC for your main system, try the MS+; I am certainly going to do so!





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