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Phasure NOS1a DAC with optional Clairixus USB and Blaxius RCA/BNC interconnects

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I'm having to downsize my rig so unfortunately my like-new Phasure NOS1a has to go. This end-game DAC operates on worldwide voltage and comes with the optional Blaxius BNC interconnects with RCA adapters (although I've always used the balanced XLR's out) and the Clairixus USB cable, both designed by Phasure specifically for the NOS1a. This is the very latest version of the NOS1a and is only 5 months old and in like-new condition.



The DAC houses 8 x legendary PCM1704UK chips, and the resulting NOS sound is simply addictive. Widely regarded by most people who have heard it as one of the finest NOS DAC's for PCM playback at any price and this can take a sampling rate of 768kHz (no DSD). This is by some distance the best DAC I've had the pleasure of owning, and I've bought and sold Lampi Big7 and MSB Analog DAC en route to the NOS1a.


Retail price for the package is EUR4820 - plus 23% VAT - plus shipping into the UK. My price is £3000 and this incudes shipping anywhere, buyer takes Paypal fees.





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