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Anti Mode Dual Core 2.0 Pre-amp and Room Correction DAC Plus Outboard Power Supply

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Anti mode Dac, With Outboard Power Supply. This is my personal unit approx. 6 Months Old Perfect Working Condition.


Comes with:


Anti Mode Dual core DAC

Remote Control


HD Plex 100 Watt Linear Power Supply and Cables to connect to DAC.

Original Box for DAC Only.

Extra Cables and connectors for HDplex Unit (For connecting to USB Cards inside PC)


Asking Price: 850.00 US Dollars Not Including Shipping


Paypal @ 4.5%


Shipping is approx. $70-90 Dollars Via FedEx World Wide Depending on Location.


Dac is in Excellent Condition. Power Supply has a few Surface mount scratches. Both Units are working 100%. I will also include extra HDPlex Cables and connectors incase you want to use the power supply to also power up USB Cards inside Computers directly.





Pictures for Power Supply will be uploaded Shortly.


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Power Supply Unit is very heavy for its size and a must when used with this DAC, the sound stages increases and the clarity and focuses improves many folds over stock power supply.


Power Supply has a few scratches on the surface mount. This can be used in conjusction with a Pico Power unit to further power up small mother boards and USB Cards.



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Price Drop, 850 All In Including Shipping and Paypal. Will Ship Via FedEx World Wide to most Countries, USA, Canada, UK, Australia. Some parts of EU Included but some destinations just cost a lot more. Please enquire willing to sell this unit off quickly.

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