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Using an HT receiver as a DAC

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I have a Yamaha M-60 pre-amp and an Aragaon 2004 stereo Amp


So the topology is something like:


My Mac using Airfoil

to stream music to my Apple TV

which has a digital out (optical)


Onkyo HT-R520


who do I connect my Receiver to my M-60

(what should type of output is compatible with my Preamp).


M-60 preamp

Aragaon 2004




At the moment I have the apple tv connected using RCA to my Pre-Amp -- I feel as if something is missing -- I honestly think my Vinyl sounds better.








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Ahhh -- how frustrating


It seems the Onkyo will not convert between formats


So the optical input on my Mac-mini is not getting converted

to Tape Out :-( -- the manual except is below.


ok -- any recommendations on a good Audio-phile quality

DAC -- or should I look for another receiver off of ebay/CL

that will do the trick.


Audio Connection Formats


Audio equipment can be connected to the HT-R510 using the

following audio connection formats: analog, optical, coaxial,

and multi-channel (5.1).

When choosing a connection format, bear in mind that the

HT-R510 doesn’t convert between formats, as shown below.

For example, audio signals connected to the OPTICAL or

COAXIAL digital input are not output by the analog TAPE

OUT connectors, so if you want to record from, for example,

your CD player, in addition to connecting it to a digital input,

you must also connect it to the analog CD IN connectors.



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I wonder what BS marketing had them add that "feature". There are many DACs out there that accept S/PDIF input and deliver better sonics than the Apple TV. I'm sure you could find several recommended on this site. If you bump this thread with your price point, I'm sure you'll get lots of responses.


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