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Non Externally Powered USB data/power/noise reclocking, filtration products?

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Are there any non-externally-powered USB noise/power filtration products other than the Audioquest Jitterbug? And, if so, what's your experience with their effectiveness?


I'll be traveling overseas across a few countries and prefer not to have a powered solution like the W4S Recovery in the chain.


Primary source is Tidal/Roon via a Windows 10 tablet (limited to one USB port) BUT I can take a laptop instead, should additional ports be required as part of the solution.


I own a pair of the AQ Jitterbugs and the W4S Recovery.


The AQ Dragonfly Red will be in the chain. I'd rather keep things simple and light and therefore prefer not to have to purchase a higher spec DAP or a "more portable" battery powered DAC/Headphone Amp (though I realize either is a possible solution).


IEMs as the transducer (i.e. low power requirements).


Baseline option is AQ Dragonfly Red ONLY (In addition to the Win 10 Tablet/Laptop I can also use it with my Nexus 6P).



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