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Post images of the microRendu in your system here

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10 minutes ago, Dave G said:

Maybe it's a trick of the photography, but the cradle for your speaker system looks different from the one for your office system.  It looks like it holds the mR on its side rather than on an angle.  

Yep, the Yggy setup is a bit lopsided because the pads are not wide enough to support the whole cradle. Additional detail photos below.



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Roon _ MicroRendu 1.4 powered by CIAudio 7v_Schiit Eitr_Hegel HD25_Belles Aria


Just listening to Forever by Corea/Clarke/White with a glass of Pinot by the fire. ?


Tidal / Qobuz--> Roon--> Fios Gigabit--> Netgear Prosafe GS105 --> Supra 8-->EtherRegen --> AQCinnamon --> microRendu 1.4 / CI Audio LPS --> Curious Evolved Link --> Chord Qutest--> AQ Water --> Belles Aria Integrated--> AQ Robin Hood--> Kudos Super 20's

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