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Article: Sonore microRendu Review, Part 1

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I may be a contrarian, but so far I prefer the sound I'm getting from my (optimized) Auralic Aries.

I will continue to use and work with the Sonic Transporter>mRendu setup. I'm looking into incorporating HQPlayer into the Roon mode implementation before I make any permanent decision.


Hi Doak


So far, with Roon and HQPlayer in the works, how would you now describe the microRendu vs the Aries?



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Is that an eight track on your audio system there? :)



Indeed. The illustration is inspired by the Zenith Allegro systems of the '70s. The key identifier here is the rectangular port in the speakers. Zenith bragged about it's "patent pending" tuned port whose only distinction versus other ported designs was its rectangular, rather than circular, cross section.


Some of their models also included a cassette mechanism in the area to the left of the turntable.

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