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One: Sonoma Series in DSD/FLAC Downloads or Stereo SACD + Downloads


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PS Audio has released One: Sonoma Series, a 10 track album of music from artists recorded in DSD and mastered by Gus Skinas at the Super Audio Center in Colorado.


It's available as a download of both DSD 64 and 176.4 kHz PCM for $35 or in a 2-disc set (Hybrid Stereo SACD + DVD Data Disc with DSD .DSF files and PCM files) for $45.



"The Sonoma Series is a project to help musicians and further the state of the art in musical reproduction. One is a collection of pure DSD recorded music is nothing short of stunning, both musically and sonically.


Each DSDPure recording captures a unique performance from some of the world’s finest musicians, featuring Elephant Revival, David Elias, Janet Feder. Ron Miles, Bill Frisell, and Lara Ruggles, among others. World-renowned mastering engineer Gus Skinas personally mastered each and every format of our recordings on the Sonoma DSD Workstation at the Super Audio Center – ensuring superb sound quality.


This two-disc set includes a dual-layer SACD with pure DSD as well as a uniquely mastered CD layer, playable in any CD transport (more on this in the further description), and a DVD data disc with high resolution 176kHz 24 PCM as well as DSD. Also included is a beautiful 20 page color booklet. A true collector’s item. Get one in your hands before they’re gone. Ships worldwide.


Every purchase helps to support musicians, and will help ensure that high-end recording studios and mastering facilities survive. Based on the success of this first release, PS Audio and ASI will continue to invest in future musical collaborations that we trust will delight listeners and help to ensure a market for quality recordings."


One – Sonoma Master Series | PS Audio


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Got mine last night. I had hoped for the best and braced for ho hum but was really surprised. BETTER than expected. Amazing sound quality as expected and the content is thoroughly enjoyable. I'll be buying everything they release.

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