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Shunyata Hydra Typhon Promotion - SAVE $1500

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We are excited to announce a new promotion on the award-winning HYDRA TYPHON.

Promotion Details:


HYDRA TYPHON w/Umbilical . . . . . . . Normal Retail: $5995

HYDRA TYPHON w/Umbilical . . . . . . Promotional Retail: $4495!


Shunyata Research’s HYDRA TRITON power distributor was originally conceived as a reference caliber power distributor that bore no compromise in design scale or performance. As the project evolved, the TRITON’s size and cost escalated beyond practical limits. The file-cabinet sized prototype was temporarily shelved while options were considered to reduce the unit’s massive one-box size and projected price. Designer Caelin Gabriel created a solution by splitting the original TRITON design into two units. The first chassis would house a stand-alone eight outlet Reference power distributor. The second chassis of equal size and greater weight, would plug into the base unit and function in parallel. This would complete Gabriel’s original vision for an ultimate performance power distributor.


Shortly after its 2011 release, the HYDRA TRITON became the most critically and professionally endorsed product of its kind, receiving awards and accolades from recording professionals and top editors at US and international magazines. The HYDRA TRITON’s overwhelming success paved the way for the introduction of it’s “second-half”, the HYDRA TYPHON. Pushing the boundaries of performance through design innovation and patented science has always separated Shunyata Research product designs from others in their category. The HYDRA TRITON/TYPHON combination represent the working definition of those ideals.


When connected to the TRITON, the HYDRA TYPHON triples the volume of the Noise Isolation Chambers within the TRITON. The TYPHON/TRITON system reveals spatial and low-level detail information that no other product or combination of products can equal. This is not a subtle effect but one that uncovers recorded information otherwise obscured or buried in the noise floor. Unintelligible words, blurred instrumental passages or missing ambient information become clear as if for the first time. Although the TRITON has been critically acknowledged for reproducing state-of-the-art scale and micro-dynamic contrasts in sound, the TYPHON further solidifies instruments, voices and images as vivid three dimensional characters within the recording. HYDRA TYPHON dramatically expands the perceived volume of recorded space within a recording. Lateral and depth of field information emerge surrounded by spatial information that perfectly recreates the venue in which the recording was created.


This product qualifies for Free Shipping and 5% back in points when you register for Club Ciamara Membership Rewards Program

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