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Anyone using a Regen with Chord Mojo

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I don't own a Regen. But if you're not using a cellphone or tablet with Mojo/Hugo, any USB devices that'll filter out RF noise would improve the performance of Mojo. From what I've read, people who are more ambivalent about Regen and Chord DACs are ones who have the galvanically isolated Chord DACs like 2Qute, Hugo TT and DAVE.

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I used the Regen with its standard supply with the Chord Hugo when I owned one. I found it to improve it in most cases. The perception I had was better clarity especially in low level detail where improved 'micro dynamics' seemed evident. A better listening experience overall I thought. However at times, with the high crescendos (e.g. in chorals) I thought there may have been some additional 'hardness' to the sound but I was not certain about the cause (power supply, cables/adapters ?) I never got a chance to try different power supplies nor the more popular cables - just standard hardware (Belkin Gold USB+adapters).

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Do they work well together? I have heard mixed opinions regarding the use of Regen with Chord DACs. Anyone can leave a short comment about this application?

I tried it and had mondo problems. High pitched squealing, bad sound. Connected the Mojo directly to my PC and it sounded great. Not sure why but in my house they did not play well together. At all. Keeping the Mojo, selling the Regen.

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