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What's your occupation?

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Innovator, inventor, topologist, inspirator in thermal energy conversion.


Energy reduction at the worlds largest shipping company A.P. Moller - Maersk.

CO2 footprint = my country (Denmark), quite an opportunity.


24/192 surround active digital speaker setup considered:

Genelec 2 x 8260A + 3 x 8240A


Music lover and audiophile since I was 14.


Chris - thanks for a great site!


Promise Pegasus2 R6 12TB -> Thunderbolt2 ->
MacBook Pro M1 Pro -> Motu 8D -> AES/EBU ->
Main: Genelec 5 x 8260A + 2 x 8250 + 2 x 8330 + 7271A sub
Boat: Genelec 8010 + 5040 sub

Hifiman Sundara, Sennheiser PXC 550 II, Smyth Realiser A16
Blog: “Confessions of a DigiPhile”

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Spent a short time designing record players then 35 years designing and running racing cars.


Frank[br]Mac mini, Amarra, Pure vinyl, Resolution Cantata, Metric Halo LIO-8, dCs P8i,DeVialet 800, Goldmund Mim 20/36+/22/29.4, Epilog 1&2[br]Reference Turntable Ortofon Jubilee pickup

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American living in Italy - sommelier and restaurant wine director


When Italians come into the restaurant, some view me as kind of like a bridge playing monkey - until I recommend an obscure Piemontese wine that they've never heard of and costs half of what it should. Then it's bravo David!


iMac - iTunes(AIFF) - Squeeze 7.9- QOBUZ flac streamer - Vodafone Revolution Router - Transporter - Pathos Classic One MkIII - JM/Focal Daline 3 - dhLabs & Xindak xlr cables - Mapleshade header and footers - AppleTV3

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TV news director (equivalent to city editor or executive editor on a paper) for small tv station in upstate New York.


Entire adult life as journalist, with time in radio and papers before tv.




\"...many people are doped up, drunk, compulsive liars or completely bat-s**t insane. And some are all of those, all the time.\" - found on Slashdot, 4.11.11

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After 27 years of Law Enforcement in Miami. A strange trip indeed...


Oyen Digital Mini-Pro 1TB HDD->Wireworld Starlight USB cable->Auraliti PK90->W4Sound USB cable>SOtM dx-USB HD USB to SPDIF Conv.-> Black Cat SilverStar 75 digital cable->Wyred4Sound Dac2->Cardas Quadlink XLR balanced cables->Anthem 225 integrated amp->Straightwire Rhapsody S->PSB Imagine T speakers

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Snoozer compared to some here. Into audio since young but had to take a long break from high end systems as I was on the road for many years and just did not have the time or space. Now finally settled in for a few years I am putting the finishing touches on my dream system. Having just ripped all my CD's to my new Mac Mini I am now totally convinced this is the way to go. I have achieved considerable improvement in sound compared to my CD transport even before tweaking the system much at all - I am now approaching audio nirvana! This site is the best and gave me a huge jump on all things involved with computer audio. Cheers to all of you and look forward to being an active contributor as I get more time under my belt with this new exciting way of handling everything music!


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Fortunate to work in a field I know and love.


Can't imagine ever doing anything else.


Various speakers, electronics, cable, etc. on loan for manufacturers' evaluation.

More or less permanently in use:


Schiit Iggy (latest), Ayre QB-9 DSD, Ayre Codex, Uptone Audio ISO Regen/LPS-1 Power supply, Berkeley Audio Alpha USB, PS Audio LanRover, Small Green Computer, Sonore ultraRendu, gigaFOIL4 ethernet/optical filter - Keces PS-3 power supply, (3) MBPs - stripped down for music only,  AQ Diamond USB & Ethernet, Transparent USB, Curious USB, LH Lightspeed split USB, Halide USB DAC, Audirvana +, Pure Music, ASR Emitter II Exclusive Blue amp, Ayre K-5xeMP preamp, Pass X-1 preamp, Quicksilver Mid-Mono Amps, Pass XA-30.5 amp, Duelund ICs & Speaker Cables, Paul Hynes SR-7 power supply, Grand Prix Audio Monaco Isolation racks & F1 shelves, Tannoy Canterbury SEs w/custom Duelund crossovers and stands, 2 REL 212SEs, AV RoomService EVPs, ASC Tube Traps, tons of CDs, 30 IPS masters, LPs.



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I sell high end audio and video (mainly audio) equipment to people who, ideally, love both great music and great sound. Idealistically perhaps, I believe great sound serves great music, and on that basis am an unashamed audiophile.




Audio Research DAC8, Mac mini w/8g ram, SSD, Amarra full version, Audio Research REF 5SE Preamp, Sutherland Phd, Ayre V-5, Vandersteen 5A\'s, Audioquest Wild and Redwood cabling, VPI Classic 3 w/Dynavector XX2MkII

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Right now:


Music Lover, all my long life.


Astrologist, trying to divine the future of digital audio in order to buy low obsolescence digital gear, but had a hard time since my crystal ball has some fog…


Bonsai Artist, since 12 years ago.


Professional Teaser, in order to get better computer music player app's, and recorded music.


Please enjoy music and life, life and music.




***Joking, of course.


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I research and write grant proposals for nonprofit clients in Seattle. Before that, I was an attorney doing complex litigation for 16 years. Before that, I worked for a nonprofit doing community development work in Madison, WI.


I played French horn for many years, still go to lots of classical concerts, but musically I'm an omnivore.


Favorite ice cream? How about Cherry Garcia.


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Occupation: Clinical Psychologist at an Enormous State Hospital


First Stereo: My father's Rek-O-Kut turntable, Pickering cartridge, Sherwood tube amp and Acoustic Research AR2 speakers. He gave me the amp, which I foolishly sold. The cartridge died. My mother still has the turntable and speakers. I just know the producers of "Mad Men" can make good use of them.


Favorite ice cream: Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk


Kudo's to the sommelier. If the defense industry lobbyist is still lurking, there's a special place in hell waiting for you.


Auctioneer: How much do I hear?[br]Audience member: That\'s metaphysically absurd, man! How can I know what you hear?[br] — The Firesign Theatre, [br] Don\'t Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me the Pliers

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I am a posh salesman, I get to negotiate global contracts with the pharma industry for laboratory analytical equipment (Mass Spectrometers and Liquid Chromatography). Get to travel the world and talk to people - two of my favourite things.


Hifi since first paypacket Linn Axis, Naim Nait, Gale Gs301. Now mostly DIY but std Roksan Xerxes TT and Naim CD3 much modded. JRiver Win 7 into DIY DAC - Twisted Pear Buffalo II.


Ben and Jerry's Phish Food


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for 11 years. This year I got into the solar industry selling grid connected systems. I feel very good about this and it's going really well.


I got over the hifi shop because too many people just didn't get it. They wouldn't listen and they wouldn't hear. They just want something invisible to plug their ipod full of lossy music into. The real customers who do listen and do appreciate something better are getting fewer and further between and I got bored with waiting around for them to stumble into the store.


I'm enjoying hifi much more since it became a hobby rather than a job. I'm listening to more of the music that I want to. I'm buying stuff on its merits rather than just because I can get it at staff prices. I'm loving exploring computer audio even though it sometimes fries my brain.


Years ago I was a jeweller for a bit then I studied sculpture at uni. I sometimes regret not pursuing these things further but I think I saved myself a lot of heartache going down the capitalist pig-dog route.


I too envy the engineers but I never had the maths.




Standard Mac mini 2010/iTunes (ALAC)/Pure Music & Pro-Ject RPM9.1/Ortofon Rondo Blue/Project PhonoBox SE -> Bel Canto DAC2.5 -> Acurus A200 -> Aphion Argon2 Anniversary/Impact500 & Sennheiser HD650 -> Comfy couch.

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My training is in neuropharmacology, and I spent many years conducting biomedical research at both medical schools and Biotechnology companies. For the past 14 years I have worked in the intellectual property group of a large NYC law firm, representing pharmaceutical and biotech companies in patent disputes.


In my spare time I am Executive Editor at dagogo.com.




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Retired in a sense though don't intend to remain so.


I would have to say my first occupation was really being a parent. I became a single parent at age 19 and have worked all kinds of jobs from menial to scientific research in order to make ends meet. I managed to put myself through university mostly while working as a mechanic/service writer and studied mathematics, physics, and molecular biology. It took ten years but got it done and also didn't shortchange my daughter in the process: she's now in college and her having left is why I say retired in a sense.


The race car vehicle dynamicist on 7-post rigs gig sounds too cool! I love motorsports and track an E46M3 I received as a gift (brand new) from my daughter's mother a few years back. That car is surprisingly easy to work on. Anyone see the Canadian Grand Prix? One of the best races I have seen in a while!


Don't like ice cream but would choose Häagen Dazs chocolate chocolate chip if it came down to it.




Rob C

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All it makes you do is question and want to measure everything! Sometimes, that gets in the way of enjoying the music.




I sometimes envy the guys who don't have an engineering mind-bend to measure and explain everything. It would be wonderful to be able to sometimes just accept things on faith. :)


Anyone who considers protocol unimportant has never dealt with a cat DAC.

Robert A. Heinlein

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I guess I'm the first in the food service industry. But my job is really overseeing a bunch of mid-twenties girls, and plunging toilets.


My audio history, started with a paper route that bought a Marantz receiver and Cerwin vega speakers. I was the first person I knew who bought a cd player. Though I only had a Peter Gabriel cd for the first month after I recovered from the cost, 700 for the time was a huge expense for the cheapest player available. The first available under a thousand, I think that was 1982. Then after college my first introduction to quality was when I bought my Audio Research sp-8. I only used it for a few glorious years. But it rocked a lot of house parties.

Then the home theater bug hit me really hard. Seven channel with dual subs and a 36 inch Sony was an awesome rig in the nineties. It kept growing in size as the years went on. And it became pretty impressive.

Eventually, I came across a very nice Classe amplifier for sale at a pawn shop for a few hundred. I couldn't resist. I knew the silver would match my sp8 in the closet.

When I hooked everything up, I couldn't believe what I had been missing with the home theater. The details made my eyes tear up. Then the power supply caps in the preamp went.... Got it fixed, and the home theater is in the closet now.

Still figuring out exactly how to make my music server work well, and that is why I'm here. Cheers!



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