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What's your occupation?

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Though bullshiting with bright young people might not be considered work by some.


Finishing a book entitled "Abstraction," about abstraction in art, writing, music, mathematics, logic, computer science, and life. Among other things, it's about how to handle information after the end of book literacy, which is about over.


I got ham radio license when I was 13 (50 years ago), and there was every promise I would end up an electrical engineer, or physicist, or at least mathematician, which I found more interesting than the matter-energy stuff, but went bad in the 60s, started listening to John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman, Sun Ra, Chicago blues, and writing poetry.



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I knew I liked this forum for a reason...like a thinking man's hi fi forum...well..mostly (including myself in that). Even my wife remarks at the literacy. Well she doesn't laugh at it anyhow.


Me? I'm a baby Barrister having returned to the law after a 18 year lay off.


Dentistry was in between...strange but true.


It's much more fun being a Barrister.



Best Wishes


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... just how interesting people's occupations are.


Me, I help people improve their communication skills, and work mainly in the corporate arena.


In a past life, I did research in Physics (my thesis was titled, 'Phonon Spectroscopy in Low Dimensional Structures using Superconducting Tunnel Junctions'... absolutely true!). Physics was my true passion, but I just wasn't good enough to make the grade as a professional.




Main: SOtM sMS-200 -> Okto dac8PRO -> 6x Neurochrome 286 mono amps -> Tune Audio Anima horns + 2x Rotel RB-1590 amps -> 4 subs

Home Office: SOtM sMS-200 -> MOTU UltraLite-mk5 -> 6x Neurochrome 286 mono amps -> Impulse H2 speakers

Vinyl: Technics SP10 / London (Decca) Reference -> Trafomatic Luna -> RME ADI-2 Pro

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Deputy MD of a main board (Malaysia) listed Oil & Gas Service Company. We do maintenance on offshore structures, minor hook up & commissioning & fabrication etc.


Clients are pretty tough but we deliver quality & usually manage to outfox them.





Joe Ling




Digital Source : DCS Vivaldi 4 stack + Antelope 10M Reference clock. (APEX in progress)

Analog Source : AVID ACUTUS SP + FR64S + Koetsu Blue Azule + ARC Ref 10 phono

Analog Source : TECHDAS AF3 + FR66S + Koetsu Blue Lace, Groove Master III + Phasemation PP2000, Glanz 10" + DS Audio Grandmaster

Phono : ARC ref 10 + DS Audio Master 1

Amp : Naim Statement

Speakers : Focal Stella Utopia

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Retired millwright for a large power utility. Maintained and repaired large turbine/generators and other powerhouse mechanical equipment: pumps, compressors, fans etc. Finished career at 3600mW nuclear plant in a facility that stored waste fuel from the reactors in enormous concrete and steel containers. I welded the lids (13 ton) on.

Caught audio bug when I asked my cousin why his stereo sounded better than mine.


Also a Linn guy with Simaudio, Bryston BDA-1, Energy, Paradigm........

Bowmanville, ON., Canada


tomE[br]Bryston BDP-1, Bryston BDA-1, Oppo BDP-95, Rogue Audio Sphinx, Montor Audio Silver RX8s. [br]Analog: LP12, Alphason HR100S, Benz Micro LO04 and Rogue audio Triton phono pre

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Part-time Frisbee champ. Full-time Border Collie.

My master is in his 35th year of business as a custom homebuilder. After enduring all those years in such a noisy environment, his hearing has gone to shit. I lend him my "golden ears" when we audition new equipment and he types my forum posts. By the way, I really like all the hi def HD Tracks he's been downloading lately; especially Steve Vai's "Where The Wild Things Are" and Keith Jarret's "Paris London Testament".

Enough talking, time to listen to some music.




Damn dog doesn't acknowledge he's a dog. He wants to be classified as a Homo lupus unfamiliaris or Canis lupus sapiens.

Aaron H




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Retired -- an audiophile for 40 years.


Just got into this crazy world of computer audio and am getting a kick out of it. Haven't moved the server into the high-end system yet, but on the "simple system" it's making progress. Seems to respond to tweeks much in the same way "traditional" audio does. I'm now letting the Lynx board break in to see if that makes a difference.




Mac Pro server with Lynx board and Amarra. Weiss or Esoteric D3 DAC. Various high-end set-ups culminating in Avantgarde Trios or Magico Mini IIs.

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I once aspired to be a museum curator. Then my grandfather retired and I chose the path of managing the family business. President of the Board, or Managing Member of various Investment Holding Companies, Intellectual Property Holding Companies, Trusts, Law Firm, and a small Private Swiss Banking Operation. I read reports, make decisions, and travel.


For Christmas of 1984, my daddy gave me a Heathkit stereo receiver to build. I was hooked from that point on.


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Sub-ed at the local rag. I deal with national and international news/pages.

Before that proofreader.

Centuries ago, I read English and American litt.

Caught the audiophile bug about forty years ago.

Caught the computer audiophile virus... two years ago.

I live in Nice, France. A few years in England during the Linn LP12/Supex craze.


Mac G5 (PPC), Jadis pre and amps, Genesis II.5's, Kimber galore and wait... Native Instruments 4DJ soundcard/DAC (€ 195 inc. P&P), couple of external HD's (2 x 1To/Time Machine).


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Owner of a company writing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software for the past 22 years.

Specialized in normalization and performance tuning.


Started XXHighEnd over three years ago as my other job (unintended at first).


Started the Phasure NOS1 project a year ago as again another job (also unintended at first).


Right now shifting from ERP towards audio alone because three jobs with full attention seems to much.

Audio is more interesting anyway.



Lush^3-e      Lush^2      Blaxius^2.5      Ethernet^3     HDMI^2     XLR^2

XXHighEnd (developer)

Phasure NOS1 24/768 Async USB DAC (manufacturer)

Phasure Mach III Audio PC with Linear PSU (manufacturer)

Orelino & Orelo MKII Speakers (designer/supplier)

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