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TEAC NT-503 **one week old**

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I bought this thinking I might resolve a bass issue plaguing me for the last 12 months only to resolve the issue as it arrived with a new player. It wasn't DAC related. I spent probably 50 hours+ testing and swapping out components, using different PC's. /sigh


So my W4S dac2 DSD, which is the 240V version, will stay only because I feel it may be harder to sell due to its voltage.


The TEAC is the North American version with the 110/120vac. Bought from BHphotovideo.com in NY.


Condition wise, maybe a finger print or two. Only the power cable was unwrapped. The rest are still packaged from the factory. It will be double boxed and I can ship via DHL anywhere at your cost.


I can add photo's once home tonight.


Payment via paypal + fees + delivery.


How about $900USD

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