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Sennheiser HD800S Impressions


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Finally got a hold of pair of these and must say they are a worthy upgrade, although, it probably won't be as significant of a difference to those who have not owned or experienced the original HD800.


The build quality, I feel is better - partially due to the black, I just think it will be less prone to paint chipping. It almost looked like rubber at first. It fits slightly different than the original.


Secondly, it comes with both standard 1/4" cable and 4-pin balanced XLR cable. Now that is something that every company should do.


Sonically, for those that felt the HD800s were too shrill or harsh, this should address that complaint. There is also more presence in the low/mids which should please many. There may be a small segment of HD800 enthusiasts that might find these slightly muddy at the highs, but I think it results in a nice balance. What I am saying is that these are not LCDs now; they're still HD800s, they're just a little more forward and balanced.


For me, the HD800s/HD800S are the best sub $2K headphone that you can run with a reasonably priced system. They're fairly easy to drive, especially, when you compare them to AKG K1000 or HE-6. Still burning these in so will provide more insight, but so far find them to be worth the extra money if you're looking at buying new or if your HD800s are starting to age.


Also, can someone help me figure out why I can't post in the classifieds? My friend dropped out so I have an extra pair of HD800S that I can let go for $1,500 + PP fees/shipping. I know a lot of sites require a certain number of posts, but I am not seeing that requirement.

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You got 2? Do you have two heads? JK

I'm only very jealous. For the time being I'll have to live with my HD650 unless you care to pass along that extra one. ;)

"The gullibility of audiophiles is what astonishes me the most, even after all these years. How is it possible, how did it ever happen, that they trust fairy-tale purveyors and mystic gurus more than reliable sources of scientific information?"

Peter Aczel - The Audio Critic


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Selling the HD800s for $1500 plus shipping and 3% may be difficult since they retail for $1700 including shipping and fees. I would try usaudiomart or audiocircle. $1500 including shipping and paypal would likely sell faster. Expect an offer of $1400.

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On Computer Audiophile subscription: Computer Audiophile - Become a CA Subscriber Today!


Note that the price is $4.99 per month. I believe you can cancel any time. However, Head-fi is probably your best bet.


Thanks for the brief review. If I had the $ I'd buy them for listening to orchestral music. That's the only sub-genre weakness that I notice with my Hifiman Edition X (the Chord Mojo that I use with them is probably a limitation as well with orchestral recordings).



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