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Bluesound Node 2

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Update to the Bluesound Vault 2 and Node 2; 


I found a wireless modem that has an ethernet outlet. Hooray, the Vault took off and worked great.


That is, until I connected the Node 2 which also worked well. Then when I went back to the Vault, it would no longer log into Tidal, nor will the Node. Everything else works, that is, my stored library of burned cds. I can also burn cds now. Attempts to get back into Tidal have been futile. I joined Qobuz and tried and failed to load that on Bluesound. 


I have waited 3 business days for a response from Bluesound support. They say that they are extra busy but will respond in 1 business day. I am not surprised that their tech support is busy. 


Tidal works fine of course when used not from Bluesound app. I logged out though to make sure that that was not a problem. 


The Auralic Altair is in the mail !!


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To be fair to Bluesound, I must say that I am really enjoying streaming on the Vault 2 since I got Qobuz. It sounds good and works with no problem. 


Too bad it won't play Tidal. I prefer Tidal and plan to keep it. I think it has more selection in the jazz area and I like the interface better.


Today is day 10, btw, of Bluesound support trying via email to help me log into Tidal. I did bitch about preferring phone support to get it out of the way one way or the other, but they are sticking with email advice. 


Because I want to use Tidal I am working on setting up the Altair instead of further messing with BlueOS. 

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The latest BlueOS update brings “Three new Radio Paradise stations in CD-quality with the ability to skip tracks”




All four mixes are working great, no technical issues. Good sound for all radio lovers!

Now, I wish KCRW would stream losses…

Apple Mac Mini (8GB RAM / 256 GB SSD) –> Audirvana Studio-> ISO Regen->Audio Mirror IV SE
Bluesound Node 2->Audio Mirror Tubadour IV SE


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