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Bluesound Node 2

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I'm a bit surprised Bluesound is not discussed here much. Perhaps the specs aren't good enough for many?


Bluesound started with wanting to be a replacement for Sonos. At least that was their market/marketing and that association seemingly did not help with audiophiles.


Also most folks aren't sure what a streamer does. And then wireless and WiFi have a bad rep so that doesn't help either.


I actually liked the Node 1. It was better than my Sonos Connect.

Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world - Martin Luther

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I suppose you're right master but I thought audiophiles would be interested in a high-res replacement for Sonos. Admittedly, I also needed some time to wrap my head around the whole dedicated streamer thing. Funny you mention wireless because one reason I've balked in the past is the overwhelming volume of reports stating wired Ethernet is a must. One reason I took a chance on the Node 2 was because of the reported WiFi improvements .. I want convenience and good sound. Wireless is a must for me.


The only thing (that I can see) that Auralic (Mini) does over Bluesound and Sonos is DSD. In fact I liked the DAC inside the Node 2, much better than anything Sonos and also the Auralic (Mini). Of course the DAC should not really be a consideration as most will only use the devices as a transport and use the optical outputs to an external DAC.


From my understanding DSD should not be a big deal, but apparently it is considering I know more folks with Auralic than with Bluesound. Sonos sells more, but they have the advantage of being first to market and in that segment probably only the likes of Bose (with a competing product that costs more) can really dethrone them.


The only other thing I can think of is how they are presented... Sonos as an add-on to users with multiple Sonos speakers, Bluesound as a streamer, and the Auralic as a media player (something that replaces your PC or tablet), not true because internal HDD is an addon and not a regular feature... but in marketing perception is everything I guess.


I agree with you, the Node 2 deserves more attention, especially for what it does.


Edit: The only other thing I can think of is maybe Bluesound shoots themselves in the foot... with way too many competing products in their stable. Node, PowerNode, Vault, Pulse, etc. even I'm not sure what each of the products does. Sonos and Auralic are so much easier to pick and choose from, just one product that does not compete with others in their product range.

Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world - Martin Luther

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Regarding the variety of Bluesound products, each is designed to meet different application needs. The Node connects to an existing audio system either by digital or analog outputs; the PowerNode adds an amplifier so it can directly drive speakers; the Vault adds a CD drive and hard drive storage to allow direct CD ripping; and the Pulse products incorporate built in speakers.


Thanks. Now why can't their Ecosystem (tab on their website) explain this?


Considering so many people research online, and even shop online, their website should do a better job.

Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world - Martin Luther

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I'm contemplating the Node 2 as well, and have been for a while because my PC takes up so much space and needs so many power supplies. What would really be useful is a comparison between the Node 2 and a blinged out audio server to see how much they differ. Does anyone have both?


Not the Node 2 though I've heard the Node 1 a fair bit.


I've had multiple PCs and servers, all tricked out and running everything from Linux/Daphile to 2 PC JPlay setups, and also small form servers/streamers like Auralic, BeagleBone, Raspberry Pi, etc. and the SOC/SBC small form servers/streams win by a long shot. Everything from noise floor to dynamic range and bass is improved with them, not to mention being less noisy and less heat generated. I'd highly recommend any of them, most of them in specs would be the same, the OS, s/w (typically running a Linux distro) and apps would separate them.

Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world - Martin Luther

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Master, by SOC/SBC were you including the Node, or was that just the Pi/Beaglebone type servers you preferred?


I meant and included (generally speaking) the Node and the Sonos too (as in under streamers). I have 3 Sonos speakers and Sonos Connect, 4 Chromecast Audios, a couple of Raspberry Pi's, a BeagleBone, and then the usual AVRs with onboard WiFi. As you can see a ton of devices and running their own version of OS - primarily though I run MinimServer, Audio Station (on Synology), BubbleUPnP Server, and have now started playing with LMS and the likes of piCorePlayer. Everything runs off a Synology NAS + Netgear X6.


I stream all over the house, everything from the lawn to the kitchen, but most of it is for the family or background listening. The main rig though is in my personal den and is on a dedicated 5GHz network, but that also feeds off the NAS. In addition I stream a ton of online services like Tidal, Spotify and internet radio like iHeartRadio and a ton of classic rock stations.


The Node will work for all of this and more... though long term a Synology is what you should be looking at. Then you can move the likes of the Node and other devices to NAA i.e. small footprint devices that feed off a server. Its not HQPlayer, but the idea is the same and I've used 2 PC setups in the past with JPlay and Daphile.


PS: With a NAS you can do this for video too, and out of home streaming too.

Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world - Martin Luther

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