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Budget stereo system with miniDSP

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I'm trying to decide which architecture to use for a stereo system with 2 subs. miniDSP will be used for bass integration (LP/HP filters, time delay, Room EQ, etc). Source is optical and I'm assuming I can control level from the Source (eg. PC or TV), thus eliminating the need for a preamp (although there are many DACs and IntAmps with volume control).


Example 1: DAC -> miniDSP -> Amp -> Speakers

Example 2: miniDSP HD -> Active Speakers

Example 3: ?


Example 1 looks to be more expensive and customizable (more audio quality?). Example 2 seems to be cheaper and more compact with less devices, less cables, less hassle (less audio quality?). No idea which will deliver best bang for buck.


Budget is crucial for the decision, so let's say $1000.


(edit) forgot to post: room is a small 1200 cft living room.


What's your take for this simple 2.2 system? Do you think it's a good idea to use miniDSP in the first place? Have any ideas for Example 3, 4, ... ?


Notice that I'm not discussing products yet, I'm just trying to pick a design first and then from there I can start looking for specific products (only product already decided is a miniDSP). Having said that, feel free to go ahead and suggest products if you already have something in mind.



Thanks Computer Audiophile.

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With a budget of $1000, your best value is probably in finding a pair of powered speakers that you like.

Main listening (small home office):

Main setup: Surge protector +_iFi  AC iPurifiers >Isol-8 Mini sub Axis Power Conditioning+Isolation>QuietPC Low Noise Server>Roon (Audiolense DRC)>Stack Audio Link II>Kii Control>Kii Three >GIK Room Treatments.

Secondary Path: Server with Audiolense RC>RPi4 or analog>Cayin iDAC6 MKII (tube mode) (XLR)>Kii Three .

Bedroom: SBTouch to Cambridge Soundworks Desktop Setup.
Living Room/Kitchen: Ropieee (RPi3b+ with touchscreen) + Schiit Modi3E to a pair of Morel Hogtalare. 

All absolute statements about audio are false :)

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What about $1000 for adding subs to an existing 2.0 system composed of DAC -> IntAmp -> Speakers. Add 2 subs? Add only one sub + miniDSP? Add only one $1000 sub?



Edit: Ok, I'm almost decided to get the miniDSP. The process seems just too much fun (I'm reading this thread). I already have decent omni mic and audio interface (initially just for room measurements, but add miniDSP to the mix and a whole world of possibilities opens!)

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