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DroboShare Alternative

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Need some help! What is a good alternative to the DroboShare? I would like to connect my Drobo Storage unit to my home network with a usb to ethernet adapter or Firewire to ethernet adapter. Depending on the option used then either the firewire or the usb will connect directly to my music server. I might need to get two and thus the reason to search for an alternative.


Thank you in advance


Jesus R



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NOt the answer you want, but I'll give it anyway. I would stick to a Drobo product with the Drobo disk. I believe the DroboShare enables one to use all the Drobo tools whereas another brand of bridge product will not. The products were made to work together.


That said, I believe Linksys and Buffalo make these products.


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While it is true that the DroboShare offers network functionality like the Droboshare desktop and DroboShare apps there are other alternatives.


You can of course hook it up to any PC via the Firewires/USB/eSATA connector and share it, but that can be a costly solution if you do not already have a server up and running.


I recently moved my Drobo from the Droboshare to a TonidoPlug computer. A small, low watt server with support for up to 8 usb devices (via a hub) as well as all the cool Tonido applications the plug supports natively. For the $100, it is a very cost effective solution that allows the drobo to be accessible from your entire network. Half the cost of a new DroboShare and only slightly more than they go for used.




I even have mine tied to my Crashplan through my TonidoPlug.



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