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From the Sublime to the .................

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Yeah, but the chandelier is awful!


Seriously, though, this guy is spending around $500K on gear and has no room treatment whatsoever (as far as I can tell, anyway). It is amazing how many 'audiophiles' neglect this aspect. It's a pity; it might have sounded nice actually.


Best - MM


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It think the "problem" with room treatment is that there are no cables running to the traps, panels or the floor. Just attaching some old useless tubes and adding fake $1,000/meter cables would do the trick ;)


Hmmmm, business idea... Hyper-warping bass traps with coaxial, quantum-purified silver USB connectors, controlled by 128-bit inertial noise-dampers and parallel anti-vibration reclocker: only $9,999 (with Ming-Dynasty silk screens: only $19,999)


Best - MM


PS: Sorry, too much Espresso...


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Good call Tim, my initial thought exactly. First time the needle drops on his turntable, POOF!, house is gone. At the risk of showing my complete non-audiophileness here, what is the purpose/functionality of the horn enclosures that now take up most of his back yard? Other than the obvious pretentiousness of it all. Seems to me to be a lot of cubic feet for sound to bounce around in. Also, one fallen tree branch could be a problem.





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length should have been calculated to contain the correct volume of air to directly produce the lowest frequency or frequencies that were desired to be correctly and ""effortlessly"" (sic) produced. They also double nicely in combination as a blow drier..... note the guy's long hair...


Seriously, and approximately, speaking - the longer it takes for the horn to flare from the throat - where the driver is (or drivers in this case)- to the mouth (the openings in the house - geez -), the deeper the frequencies will be that emanate from it. So those are the 'subs'. Manly indeed in an outrageous 'flaming' sort of way.


I'm pretty sure that this guy is going to attempt to communicate with elephants and submarines.




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