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Optical, USB, Integer Mode, rambling about players and adjustments


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I've been trying out JRiver for a day or two and I have also changed my computer source to a MBP 2011. Initially I thought I much preferred the sound of the new player as it seemed warmer than A+. However, I had connected it via Optical ( Wireworld Supernova 6 cable ) to my H160 amp with integrated DAC. When I put it back into USB connection it sounded as harsh as A+ did ( particularly for choral pieces ) Anyway, I persevered and found that although USB gives a more detailed sound it is more fatiguing and less to my taste. Although I prefer USB for some electric music eg rock etc, where it seems to lift a veil, to use a dreadful cliche, I much prefer vocals via optical.


TBH so far I prefer the sound of Amarra to either of the others but it's a pain to use and if I could get something more easy going from A+ I'd give it a go. I'm tempted by JRiver for its' flexible library options.


I've started to give Roon a go though as I mostly listen to classical my first reaction is that it's tagging is pretty dire!


I know A+ uses integer mode and I don't know if this has any bearing on anything. I wonder how much difference this actually makes. I will investigate further tomorrow.


My question is:


To help me decided on all this has anyone advice on tweaking A+ to help me to get rid of the fatiguing ( to me ) bright/harshness for some tracks.


Thank you for listening and any advice you might have

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