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Chord 2Qute (and other Chord DACs) with silver interconnects?

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I am looking to eventually upgrade my Rega DAC R. One of the DACs I am looking at is the Chord 2Qute. I use a Yter RCA interconnect to connect the Rega to my integrated amplifier (Naim 5i). The Yter is made of silver with some palladium. It has WBT pure silver RCA connectors.


It is a very transparent and clear interconnect. It works great with the Rega. But, the Rega's sound is on the meaty, warm and dark side. The sound is very clear, but never harsh, edgy or bright.


From what I have heard of the Chord 2Qute (and Hugo), they are already very clear, transparent and detailed DACs. I was wondering if my interconnect would be a good or bad match. The interconnect is great, and what I consider expensive. I would not want to have to buy a different interconnect of similar quality in addition to buying a new DAC.


I was curious if anyone has ever tried, or is using an all silver interconnect with their Chord DAC? If it gives a good result?

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It sounds like you like this interconnect because it just got the heck out of the way. If so then it should do the same with the Chord DAC:


If on the other hand you favored it because it allowed you to flavor the sound to your liking, then there is a risk that you won't like how it flavors the Chord. You will have to listen for yourself to decide, as the fact it contains silver conductors doesn't offer more than a hint as to how well it'll work with the Chord.

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Yeah. The interconnect should be fine with any DAC. Besides, you should almost never put the cable ahead of the DAC. If you're upgrading to a superior DAC and the cable is not appropriate, it's time to sell the problematic cable and get an appropriate one.

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