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Schiit Ragnarok as speaker amp - does it run hot?


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Curious if anyone has personal experience using the Schitt Ragnarok as a speaker amp?


Does the Ragnarok run hot when driving speakers?


I ask because it sounds like Ragnarok runs very hot when used as a headphone amp ... as headphone amp it runs in Class A, and (from what I've read) the exterior case becomes quite hot (the case also acts as a heatsink by design.)


When used as a speaker amp, Rag is supposed to run in Class AB which I think (hope) should run cooler?


I would use Ragnarok to drive fairly efficient speakers ~96dB, 8 ohm. Headphone listening would be limited (but having the option with the built-in headphone amp could be fun.)


But I live in an apartment without air con so less waste heat from an amp would be desirable.

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