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Question Regarding Support For AIFF Files In JRemote


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I'm using JRemote v2.2. Under Settings>Playback And Streaming>Transcode Audio. I have Transcode Audio turned off so files will play in native format. However in the "gray" box just below is an explanation of Transcode Audio and a list of file types supported. AIFF is not shown. My library is all AIFF files. If AIFF is not supported what is happening to my AIFF files on playback? Is AIFF supported and just omitted from the list of files?


Any clarification is appreciated.image.png

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possibly it only shows valid transcode formats ? Since your library is AIFF, AIFF is not a valid transcode (from AIFF). not knowledge, just a guess....


alternatively, it might be that AIFF is not a transcode since it is an uncompressed format. again a guess....

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