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Auralic Mini woes...

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Well, it was too good to last.


For 6 weeks out at sea (I work on a ship) me and the Mini got along just fine, firstly streaming from my WD Elements 5tb drive on my MacBook Air using Plex.

Then after a bit of coaxing, I configured the drive directly into the USB HDD port on the Mini - voila, music without the complication of the laptop. So far so good, but the addition of my iFi iDSD Nano resulted in audible 'ticks and pops'.

Not so good, but I figured in my relatively noisy environment the external DAC wasn't really necessary - and wouldn't improve too much on the internal DAC anyway.


So I've been at home for 5 weeks and will ship out again next Friday.

I've bought a few albums, so decided to add 'em to the WD drive, connect the whole shebang up again to rescan and do a final check before resuming my aquatic shenanigans.

I've been at it for most of the day now, the Mini will not recognise or mount my powered HDD - specs are here Western Digital Europe Online Store - WD Elements Desktop 5TB


I've been able to connect to my home network and stream wirelessly from my NAS, but even my 2tb Toshiba USB powered drive connected to the Mini didn't work reliably. It spun up, started to read the music files then mysteriously clicked off.


I've no idea what's up with the Auralic, 6 weeks of bliss and now this. I've resisted grabbing my 10lb pickaxe from the garage and putting it out of its misery, but it is tempting. Reminds me of the mental cruelty I suffered when I had my dear old schizophrenic Squeezebox Duet. It's just not fair!


Any ideas guys? It's driving me nuts!!

I'll try the MacBook Air/Plex solution again, but really I wanted a lightweight headless quality music solution while on the go - lugging a laptop around with me kind of defeats the purpose.


Thanking you all in anticipation,




P.S. I'm not discounting the possibility I may have a lemon on my hands here.

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Cannot help with the ext HDD problem but why not install an internal HDD/SSD and do without the ext drive. or is the 5Tb drive over 2 Tb of music?

Sadly (or maybe not) I have around 2.5TB on the drive, in hi-res or redbook.

I'll have another crack at it, but it should be pretty much plug and play once it's connected on the network.

No point exceeding 1TB a portable USB drive either, they usually draw over 500ma from a USB port (Aries Mini has this output spec).

I can't figure out why this powered drive won't spin up and mount.

It could very well be a faulty unit.

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