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Simaudio Dac

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This looks kind of interesting. USB Dac and a cd player. It also says that it's the first asynchronous 32 bit digital audio playback system. Kind of new to the whole computer music thing. Wanted a few other opinions on this.


I've heard their cd players and liked what I've heard. I also own their P-8 preamp which I like quite a bit as well. They've got a really warm, musical sound with tons of detail.


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Hi Kurt - I looked at this on the Sim site a few days ago. On the surface it looks interesting. I found little details on the site and in the manual. Asynchronous can mean many things and commonly means Asynchronous Sample Rate Conversion. The DAC does use a 32 bit chip, I believe it's the ESS Sabre chip. I can't find any data about what sample rates are supported on each interface.


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