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10.11.4 OS X update: "Fixes an issue that caused USB audio devices to disconnect"

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This update:


• Adds the ability to passcode-protect notes containing personal data in Notes

• Adds the ability to sort notes alphabetically, by date created, or date modified in Notes

• Adds the ability to import Evernote files into Notes

• Adds support for sharing Live Photos between iOS and OS X via AirDrop and Messages

• Addresses an issue that may cause RAW images to open slowly in Photos

• Adds the ability for iBooks to store PDFs in iCloud, making them available across all your devices

• Fixes an issue that prevented loading Twitter t.co links in Safari

• Prevents JavaScript dialogs from blocking access to other webpages in Safari

• Fixes an issue that prevented the VIPs mailbox from working with Gmail accounts

• Fixes an issue that caused USB audio devices to disconnect

• Improves the compatibility and reliability of Apple USB-C Multiport Adapters

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Thanks for pointing this out. Maybe it's safe to leave Yosemite behind now on my music Mac mini.



Listening Room: Mac mini (Roon Core) > iMac (HQP) > exaSound PlayPoint (as NAA) > exaSound e32 > W4S STP-SE > Benchmark AHB2 > Wilson Sophia Series 2 (Details)

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Mobile: iPhone 6S > AudioQuest DragonFly Black > JH Audio JH5

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Guess I'll also now go to El Capitan & see if it deals with my dropouts ...

macmini M1>ethernet / elgar iso tran(2.5kVa, .0005pfd)>consonance pw-3 boards>ghent ethernet(et linkway cat8 jssg360)>etherRegen B-side(js-2)>ghent ethernet(et linkway cat8 jssg360) >ultraRendu A-side(clones lpsu split>lps1.2)>uspbc>iso regen(clones lpsu split>lps1.2)>curious regen link>rme adi-2 dac(js-2)>cawsey cables>naquadria sp2 passive pre> 1.naquadria lucien mkII.5 power>elac fs249be + elac 4pi plus.2> 2.perreaux9000b(mods)>2x naquadria 12” passive subs.

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