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Weird observation with a ripped SACD. Any ideas?

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I am using latest version of JRIVER on a Macbook Pro with latest operating system.


Using a dCS Puccini player with U-Clock which can handle DSD via USB.


I have ripped some SACD's (using PS3 and following all the instructions) and made an interesting (and weird!) observation with my system.


The rip in question is from Nine Inch Nails Downward Spiral SACD. Stereo rip. Disc 1. Track 5. Closer. The last 30 seconds of the song has a phase effect that swirls all around your head - like you are listening to surround sound (track is only 2 channel stereo).


I hear this surround effect on the SACD disc itself when I play it but not on the dsf rip! Also, when I play the RBCD rip (from a pure RBCD) I can hear the phase effect as well!!


Very weird.


Any thoughts on why this phase effect doesn't come out like the SACD disc itself or a RBCD rip?

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