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Static and Stutter on Dirac with Hi-Res files

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I recently incorporated new Revel speakers into my 5.1 setup. I reran DLCT and created two new filters with no problem. However when I run the DAP I have a very serious static and stutter problem. The static stutter starts about 5-10 seconds after a track begins and if left unchecked will cause a system shutdown.

This occurs when playing Hi-Res files. Playback on 16/44.1 is perfect.

When I turn the DL filter off playback is once again perfect on Hi-Res, both MCH and 2CH.

My signal chain is JRiver--DL--Oppo 105 (analog 5.1)--preamp--amp.

I uninstalled/resinstalled JRiver and Windows in order to rule them out as problems.

JRiver identifies Oppo 105 WASAPI, but the Dirac DAP does not identify it. This is the only possible clue I can see.

Anybody have an ideas for me?

Flavio, I opened a ticket on Friday but have not received a reply yet, can you assist?

Thanks very much.


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Well... you wrote on Friday and not much happens during the weekend but I happened to read your post and I'm going to answer your ticket with a possible solution today.


Best, Flavio

Warning: My posts may be biased even if in good faith, I work for Dirac Research :-)

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