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Overcharging a headphone battery - is it avoidable?


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Hi, I’m a layman and new here so please excuse me if you think this is a dumb question.

I’ve been using Bluetooth headphones for several months and they always pack up after a short time.

I always buy at the cheap end of the market and I’ve been treating them as a smartphone and recharging when I get home after using them, even if they are only slightly drained of power.

I bought the last 2 pairs about 2-3 months ago – an Avantree jogger (about $40) and a Sony MDR ($80) , both quite cheap but by no means the cheapest.

With both units, you connect the USB cable and a light comes to show they are recharging – but at about the same time they both stopped displaying the light to show they were recharging.

With the Avantree, it wouldn’t recharge at all and stopped working. I took it to a technician and he said it wasn’t fixable.

With the Sony, it is still working but the recharge light is also no longer displaying so I don’t know if it’ll also stop working when it’s lost all its charge.

I told a friend and he laughed and said that by constantly recharging the battery I am draining it of memory each time and thereby destroying it.

I can’t believe this. Wireless headphones have been around for years, haven’t they? I read one website that even said in order to be able to sell bluetooth headphones in the US, you must demonstrate that it cuts out the recharge in order to protect the battery.

Please tell me:

1) is there any kind of in-built headphone battery that prevents overcharging? if so, I'll only buy those devices

2) Does it sound like my units are destroyed or is there anything that can be done?

3) Are there any brands that are known NOT to overcharge – and if so, must you buy top-end units only?

The problem is, with the headphones I buy there seems to be no light that comes ON to show that it needs recharging, so you can only guess how long it’s been since your last recharge.

Any advice much appreciated, thanks

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