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asking advice on source building

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Hi, it´s my first post.


i am collecting info, to build the best hi end source (digital) for the least money.

i now have a 2009 macmini connected to a CA dacmagic, direct to a Pass labs X250.5 and a pair of Thiel cs 3.7( volume control in the Itunes, equalizer included (not perfect, i know).

At first i was thinking in a linn ds (akurate), then i looked to a Weiss Dac2,( which i almost bought, but the deal was canceled) so i bought the macmini.( i have plans to upgrade the macmini with more ram and a ssd, just waiting for a price deflaction)

i pretty much like the sound i listen, but i think the amp and speakers are to give their best yet.

Now i´m waiting to have more information on the Esoteric d07, which is what i think i want ( but sound quality is my first request).

my thinking is to have a firewire interface( like the new Weiss) or a usb interface like the Hiface, and then it´s possible to take the best from the Esoteric dac.

Other way i am looking is to use a device like the Auraliti, or Linn Sneaky to the esoteric.

I know that info on the esoteric is few, but if anyone has some experience or info regarding some of the options or possible flaws in them i´ll be very thankfull.

I hope that anyone using a Linn sneaky ds as a transport will share their experience.


sorry for my bad English, thank you for your help.






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i am just adding why i am thinking in the esoteric d 07.

if sound quality is at weiss dac 2 level,( and that will be very subjective)( i don´t think esoteric would released it if the level wasn´t high enought). It is more versatile and at a competive price ( in Japan costs less then a sa10), remote controled, word clock in /out,i will be able to upgrade with a external clock, i can use a Oppo bd 83 as a Sacd transport to it. (the only flaw is the hirez content from the macmini usb) so the "kneed" for a interface.

I forgot to tell that the weiss dac2 is still a hipotese, so as others like the ps audio pwd.

Thanks for your time



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