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Need Regen Installation Help Please

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As the title says, I need a bit of help. After recommendations from many friends here in the forum, I tried my newly purchased Uptone Regen (from an owner who had barely used it) tonight, and clearly something wasn't connected right. While the instructions are clear, something about my setup is amiss.


I am attempting to use the Regen with my Aurender N100 and my DAC (something several people here on the forum have done previously with excellent results). However, I also have to use a USB-SPDIF converter, I am using an Audiophilleo 2 w/Purepower for the USB to SPDIF conversion. When I connected it in a manner I thought was correct, attaching it directly to the Audiophilleo unit (which is directly connected to the DAC's input connector), the DAC received no signal from the Aurender.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.



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Hi JC,


Glad to know you found yourself a REGEN. And even though you got it second hand, it is waranteed for 4 years from the date the original owner purchased it (so be sure to remember his/her name in case you ever need service).


Yes, you should be able to get it to work fine with your Aurender, it just might take a couple of steps the first time. Here is something my partner John Swenson wrote on the topic a while back. He is very much a Linux guy, so he knows what he is talking about. Hope this helps.



Alex C.



A lot of the servers or streamers use embedded linux, many of these don't have a fully functional Udev which takes care of hot-plugging devices. This means the device has to be setup when the processor boots (usually when powered up). In order for the the DAC to be seen it has to be connected to the hub and the hub has to be connected to the computer.


My prefered method to do this is to power down everything, DAC, REGEN and computer (Aurender is a computer). Plug in all the appropriate USB cables. Turn on the DAC, then turn on the REGEN, THEN turn on the computer. Use whatever method your system uses for selecting the DAC. (don't play music yet) Turn off the computer, then turn it back on (this is real power down), at this point the hardware should see the DAC through the REGEN, the OS should see it and your application software should see it. You should be able to play music at this point.


You should not have to go through this process every time. The various pieces of software should have cached the path to the DAC.


This is not a defect in the REGEN rather it is caused by the embedded linux not having a fully functional Udev. Most desktop linuxes will get it right so you don't have to go through this. It is not the hub that is the issue it is that the path to the DAC has changed, if you take the REGEN out, then you have to go through it again.

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