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Musical Fidelity A5.5

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I was looking at this today and saw it was an integrated with a USB on it. Maual even has MAc uses instructions which I thought was a nice touch. Anyway, anyone have any experience with MF and this. Anyone know if it can pass any bitrates higher than CD like 24/96 natively without downing quality first?




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so then no. . .


so there really isn't a all in one solution that has very good reviews out there except for the Benchmark. I was liking the MF cause it will get me a new amp at the same time. I know their amps are really nice. So I won't even ask if there are any usb integrated's out there!





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Hi i can not tell you about this paticular DAC, however I have a MF Tri Vista DAC which I rate very highly, unfortunatley it has no USB only S/PDIF & TOSLINK.

(TOSLINK never was a product better suited to it's name)

MF personal favourite of mine for build quality and sound.


Are all audiophiles obsessive compulsives or is this just a Stereo Type? Yorkshire UK

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