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Uptone Regen Refercence vs. Intona Industrial vs. W4S RUR

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Superdad has hinted at what he's working on next: an updated Regen with USB galvanic isolation. I am tentatively calling it the Uptone Regen Reference. This is the product I have my eye on, and I am going ahead, jumping the gun, and creating a comparison thread that will only be valid in a few months really :)


So who has auditioned the new Uptone Regen Reference vs. Intona Industrial vs. the W4S RUR?


I am really hoping the new Uptone product is the combo, one-box solution we all want.

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You think so?? Or is he referencing a combo with their new power supply?

As mentioned before I find the Intona (non industrial) with the JK Regen a very good combo better together than separate.

(JRiver) Jetway barebones NUC (mod 3 sCLK-EX, Cybershaft OP 14)  (PH SR7) => mini pcie adapter to PCIe 1X => tXUSBexp PCIe card (mod sCLK-EX) (PH SR7) => (USPCB) Chord DAVE => Omega Super 8XRS/REL t5i  (All powered thru Topaz Isolation Transformer)

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