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Sound Liaison's DSD vs PCM vs Flac sampler

Possum Jenkins

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Got this from another forum, may be of interest and provide some debate fodder.


I'm downloading now.


iFi micro iDAC2 Music Sampler


Add the samples to your cart and use code ifimicroidac2


You'll get a download link to a 1.3gb zip file, containing dsf, wav & flac files.


No cost and I've no financial/business connection to any of it.

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Just a note to those making format comparisons with these excellent downloads, the only recording that SL mastered simultaneously in PCM and DSD is Impromptu. All others were originally mastered only in PCM so the DSD files are conversions.

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I recall from DSD vs PCM, Which sounds the best to your ears of these free same source files? Thread :

Well, TASCAM DA-3000 uses PCM4202 chip which is native DSD. So when you record PCM with it, it is DSD converted to PCM.


RME UFX is pretty good converter, but it is also delta-sigma ADC although probably multi-bit SDM variant. If you want a true PCM ADC converter, the choices are really limited and you need to use some historical gear (PMD 2 or similar).


Even then, analog front-stages are different. So comparing formats is really difficult or almost impossible. You always more or less compare implementations.


"''Impromptu'' was recorded live directly to DSD using the Tascam DA-3000 DSD recorder and simultaneously to PCM with the RME UFX."


Surely it would be better (essential even) to have 2 x Tascam DA-3000s and do the recording in DSD & PCM using the same equipment, otherwise they are not properly comparable.


RME UFX (requires connection to a computer and all the potential trouble that offers up) PCM SQ does not necessarily equal Tascam DA-3000 (stand-alone mastering machine) PCM SQ.


(I own a Tascam DA-3000... it records in both DSD & PCM... I don't get why this wasn't done?)


The iFi sampler released in the promotion campaign supporting the iFi micro idac2 .

Has 3 excellent recorded samples.

The third sample : thus making it a perfect sample for the eternal DSD vs PCM



With this code taken from the iFi web site;

the sampler can be downloaded for free here; Sound Liaison Music Shop



So.... what is your preference and why?



an accurate picture

Sono pessimista con l'intelligenza,


ma ottimista per la volontà.

severe loudspeaker alignment »




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