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Basic headphone to Y to 5.1 question


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Oh audio gurus...


I have a work laptop and a home pc. I want the work laptop email audio alert to be played on my PC 5.1 speakers for the extra volume so I can better hear it throughout the house. The laptop's speaker is maxed out and still weak.


The laptop only has headphone out. When I plug my 5.1 green input into a Y and plug the PC green out and the Laptop Headphone out into the Y I get normal-level System sounds from the laptop. Works as intended laptop-wise. The email alert is nice and loud.


However, the PC audio's front L/R channels are reduced in volume by half or more. The rest of the 5.1 are at full volume. Unplugging the laptop headphone, either at the Y or the laptop side restores the front L/R channels to full volume.



  1. Is there a solution, either a USB audio adaptor or something else to have full volume on the PC front L/R?
  2. Why does the system volume come over from the laptop loud, but the PC loses its volume; Is part of the PC out signal being sent to the laptop and absorbed (but how?)?



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