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Star Wars Comes to Stereo DSD & Analog Tape

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The first three Star Wars Original Soundtrack albums with John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra are now available in Stereo DSD and Analog Tape. From the ever expanding collection at Horch House in Austria.


"Horch House has released the first three original soundtracks from the Star Wars Series: Episode 4: Star Wars – A New Hope, Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back and Episode 6: Return of the Jedi in Stereo DSD, analog tape, and WAV formats. The albums feature the original performances of music from this iconic film series composed and conducted by John Williams with the London Symphony Orchestra.


While the Star Wars Soundtrack albums have previously been available on Stereo CD and FLAC (PCM) downloads, Horch House notes that this marks the first time that the Star Wars Soundtrack albums have been available in both DSD and analog tape. This is yet another step in Horch House’s work to bring classic albums to analog tape and DSD through the release of one-to-one analog tape copies and transfers of the analog tapes to DSD and WAV format USB Wafer Cards.


The Horch House process starts with an Analog Tape copy of the album. In this case, they received the three Star Wars albums from Skywalker Studios in California last September and began work on the refurbishing and transfer process. Volker Lange at Horch House tells me that was a very exciting moment at their company."


Star Wars - Cover - 400.jpg


Star Wars Comes to DSD and Analog Tape - Positive Feedback

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