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Dirac live calibration error

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I am doing a calibration with the dirac live trial version on a mac osx el capitan - dirac calibration - airfoil - airport express - naim supernait.

It sometimes works, but I repeatidly (and randomly) get a dirac error message saying "rec2imp_imp_start_idx_is_negative", with no further indication on what is wrong or how to avoid it.


Anybody help?

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I suggest that you try the latest build of beta Dirac Live 1.2 instead of the current 1.1 version, if interested you can open a ticket at helpdesk.dirac.se and I'll arrange for that.


:) Flavio

Warning: My posts may be biased even if in good faith, I work for Dirac Research :-)

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Hi Flavio


1.2 Beta doesn't solve the problem. I get exactly the same error message, still no possibilities to perform a single measurement.

(and i am on a standard iMac, latest OS, running through standard iTunes into standard airplay).


can you still help ?

and maybe talk to Dirac helpdesk, as I did not get a single reply from them within 2 weeks. and I am really interested in the product.


:-) Philippe

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