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B&W Speaker 800 D3 Line

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This is Computer Audiophile, but we need transducers to listen, right? So a quick question about the new B&W 800 D3 speaker line.


I listened at a dealer today to the 805 D3, the bookshelf unit in the line. Sounds good, nice level of detail, good frequency response, not bright even with the diamond tweeters. Driven by a Luxman integrated and Mac CD player.


For a long time I've thought of B&Ws as being a bit veiled for my taste. This one was somewhat less veiled, more open. The salesperson pointed out that with different speaker cables than the Transparents in use today, that might change for the better. So I'll go back to listen again soon.


I've looked for reviews of this new line but come up empty. Anyone own these or can otherwise comment on them?



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These have not been out very long, no reviews published yet that I know of. There is a thread under "Loudspeakers & Headphones" with some discussion.

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