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Escaflowne: Anime OST Lossless-worthy?


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I am a massive fan of the music from the 1990s masterpiece anime series, (The Vision of) Escaflowne. In particular, the OST called Over The Sky that features the impeccably beautiful, powerful, and haunting scores of composer Kanno Yoko and the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra/Chorale.


While I'm tempted to purchase this soundtrack (Victor Entertainment Japan label) on CD, and then rip it into an AIFF and XLD lossless file, I was wondering if any of you have had good experiences with lossless music from anime series.


Finally, speaking of Kanno Yoko, I have to add the super-jazzy sound of her other musical works from the series, Cowboy Bebop.


Any thoughts or experiences?

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