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BM12a Dynaudio Need help

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Hi All,


I bought Dynaudio BM12A and stuck with them as they are on 110V and My country has 220 to 240V.

Tried to contact Dynaudio for help but they say buy new Amplifier modules.

Can any of you suggest a solution (I dont want to use external convertors).


Im into electronics and understand the technical solution as well if someone can guide me.





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Most consumer electronics have power supplies that can be rewired to accomodate various line voltages. If you could get ahold of a schematic for those speakers, you could probably figure out how to rewire for 220-240V. Such a change would likely terminate your warranty. I lived in Europe for awhile and powered my amplifier (Adcom) through a coverter (transformer). I noticed no changes in audio quality.


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Hi All,


I tried to reach out to Dynaudio tech support & support but those Motherf*&kers told me to buy new AMP modules as they cant be used on 240 volts.

I couldnt understand that a bid company like Dynaudio hired such cheap sales men who are bloody trying to make cheap money by doing this.

any ways I opened the speakers myself, located a simple jumper that has to be taken off from 110V to 240V and it is done !! converted!!! works like a charm...


Im disappointed with Dynaudion support team..


Anyways guys anyone having the same problem ... can use the above method and you are done.. no need to spend even a dime.





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