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Jriver Media Jukebox help needed.


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I downloaded the Jukebox V12 yesterday, proceeded to import the ripped music (done previously through Win Media Player - all in WAV format). I am using Vista Home Basic.


1. It looks like the first track of every album is assigned to "Other" rather than the album itself. It lost the title of the song and other info. Also, tracks are no longer in original order but alphabetized. If there are more than one album from the same artist, it does the same thing, the first column is the name of the song alphabetized (A-Z), they are not grouped by album, first song dropped. However, when I ripped an album with Jukebox all came out OK, songs are in proper sequence. Does this mean that music ripped by other software won't show up properly on Jriver if imported? Reripped all music using Jukebox?

2. During startup of the program, it always shows Amazon MP3 music download page (default), I have tried removing Amazon from the startup page but it keeps coming back. I must not be doing it right?

3. Is there anyway to display the stored music by Artists' Album Artworks (album covers) like the media player instead of showing all the tracks with the thumbnail artworks to the left of the track?


I am new to Jriver and am beginning to read the wiki on the Jriver.








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Hi Akai - In answer to your questions:


1. I'm not sure why your're seeing this behavior in JRiver, but there is no metadata in a .wav file. JRiver builds its library database from the metadata contained in the content file. Rather than re-ripping all your disks, I suggest trying to export the wav files to WMA lossless using Windows Audio Converter within WMP. Try selecting all files within an album within WMP, right click then Send To - Windows Audio Coverter. In the Converter dialog select WMA lossless and a new destination. I haven't tried this, but the theory is that the converter will populate the resultant WMA file with the necessary metadata. There should be no loss of audio quality in this process.


2. I know of no way to change that startup behavior. Seeing an Amazon ad on every startup is a small price to pay for a great piece of free software.


3. To display Album Artwork in any pane displaying album names, click on "Pane" and select "Thumbnails" or "Album Thumbnails". The size of the thubnails can be adjusted my moving the slidebar under the "Search" entry field.


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The approach I suggested to export the .wav files to lossless WMA does not copy the metadata from the WMP database to tags in the resultant file. Nuts! It doesn't look like WMP even stores the cover art anywhere.


Looks like Jesus' suggestion to get the metadata into the database through the file structure or simply re-ripping (to FLAC) are your best bets.


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