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What sounds better a pc usb out to dac or ....

what would sound better  

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What do you think would sound better

An auralic mini analog out to a TEAC UD-503

A windows pc usb out to a TEAC UD-503


everything else is the same



You can substitute any dac that has both usb and analog inputs and usb isolation


Also do you think auralic analog out direct to amp (no external dac) would sound better than pc usb out to dac to amp?

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With zero specifications given for the Windows PC in question this is an unfair fight. A proper built Windows based server like the CAPS designs would cost significantly more money but IMHO would deliver better results. Some would say that the argument is pointless as bit perfect is bit perfect. There really is no right answer in audio.

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Why choose a UD-503 if its digital inputs and DAC are not going to be used?


I agree 100% here. You're first option doesn't seem like anything anybody would ever do. Use the Auralic mini's DAC and go analog out to a more dedicated preamp but not to another DAC like the UD-503. I know the Teac has a preamp and some cool features but they would all be wasted since you'd be using it just for a volume control.


And as others have stated, you're asking the age old question of 'streamer vs CAPS' to which I believe the standing answer is 'to each their own'.


Are you wanting to stream from your network or play from local storage?

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Are you wanting to stream from your network or play from local storage?
I'd guess a hybrid of the two, ie streaming from local storage, given the OP's interest in the Auralic Aries Mini streamer (which can be configured to do this if an optional internal storage drive is installed or an external USB drive is connected to it) and the OP's other thread:


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