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Security: IP Address Change

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Sorry if this is super elementary. I scoured the company website and banged my head against the wall of Google for hours and could get no uncontested answer.


I want to change the ip address of my TP Link router. Question...Is there any limit to my new number? Can it be, for example, 67.098.1234.6489? Or is this number confined by some rules?


You don't want to do that.


The IP address of your router is assigned by your ISP. If you change the address, you won't be able to communicate with your ISP --- probably not good.

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+1. Your internet IP address is assigned by your ISP. You can pay extra for a static IP address, but most people don't need one.


You can change the IP address of the router on your LAN. In most home situations , it defaults to 192.168.xxx.1 where xxx is usually 0 or 1.


The convention for IP addresses is 4 sets of three digit numbers between 0 and 255 separated by periods.

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Yup, leave it alone.


If you want to hide your IP then use a VPN. You'll still have to make do with whatever IP the VPN provider gives you, but at least your real IP will be hidden.


The other option is to get a static IP from your ISP... but not really needed.

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