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Aurender N100H music server - near new (MINT)

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The Aurender N100H is a superb music server, perhaps the best for the price.

I've had mine for less than two months, and I love it immensely.

I love the N100H for its rich sound quality, ease of use, great stability, super-quiet operation, and an elegant iPad app to control it all.


That's why I'm selling it.


Real simple -- I'm selling the N100H to upgrade to the Aurender N10, which costs $5.3K more.

But I need to sell this N100H first, though.


This not-even-two-months old N100H is in perfect condition.

And since I rate any component in 10/10 condition only if it has never, ever been used at all, I would rate this N100H of mine at 9.5/10.


The N100H sells new for $2700.

My price = $2350, plus $50 shipping and 3% for PayPal.

Shipped with insurance in original double-box for fullest protection.

And if your actual shipping fee is less than $50, I will refund the difference to you.


Specs include:

- 2TB internal drive for music storage

- Works with NAS or external drive as well

- 120GB solid-state drive for system and cache

- low-noise USB output

- full-linear power supply

- outputs all major lossless PCM file formats up through 32 bit-384 kHz, plus outputs DSD (DSF & DFF) in either 1 bit-2.8 MHz (DSD64) or 1 bit-5.6 MHz (DSD128)

- 8.5" wide x 14.0" deep x 1.75" high


Some photos here, and questions quickly answered.


Dave, who is completely pleased by both the high quality of Aurender products and the quick replies he's gotten from them when he's had a question or two


Review Praise for the N100H (two links):

Computer Audiophile (Chris Connaker)

Digital Audio Review (John Darko)










Music is love, made audible.


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