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Auralic Mini Problems

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Hello everyone.I have checked a few of the Auralic posts on the site but I can't find the exact answer. So any help would be great. First of all. very excited about having the Auralic mini. I wanted something other than my MacBook Pro to play hi res files. I have a Chord Electronics DAVE DAC and some B & W 803 D speakers to play the music through however, I purchased it recently and i cannot get my files to load into the Auralic. So I connected it to my network, no problems. I have all of my Hi Res files on a Toshiba Canvio 3.0 external hard drive.So, first I plugged the Toshiba drive into the mini and selected “existing music library” from the app menu during set up. I then selected the USB drive option…. it then says there was an error.So. I went to my Mac and saw the Auralic under the “sharing” tab in the Mac finder details. I tried dumping the files from the toshiba into the Auralic… no success. Then I tried transferring all the files from the Toshiba onto the Mac and from the Mac onto the Auralic. It just won’t do it. Can anybody suggest something?It seems like a simple machine to work:)RegardsRob

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Hi Rob,


There is an Auralic Mini thread under the Networking Forum where people experiencing problems have been logging their issues and getting help. You may have a better chance of getting assistance if you copy and paste your issue there.


I'm not technically inclined and had a similar issue to what you described and resolved it by reducing the size of my library from 35,000 songs down to 9,000. The size of the library may have been the problem or I could have had a "rogue" file or external drive, not sure which.


Try copying a small number of albums of your library that you ripped yourself (so you know they are "clean") onto another external hard drive, that has nothing else on it. Then try again.


When you say you tried "dumping" the Toshiba hard drive onto the Auralic please note that the Auralic has no internal hard drive unless you have installed one yourself.


Good luck, Ajax

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