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Basic networking question

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I hate to admit it but I'm not network savvy, I've got a very basic question so my apologies for my ignorance. If I want to run a basic streamer such as the SonicOrbiter SE outside of my home network what other components would I need besides a NAS or NAS type computer? I only need to serve my two channel system and I like the idea of a clean connection of NAS/computer to streamer without any other devices interfering o the network. I'm assuming a router needs to be in between for DHCP? Or is it possible without one? I'm wanting to get this as basic and stripped down as possible.

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If you can configure the NAS with a fixed IP address and If you can do the same on your streamer and configure it with to connect on the NAS address, then you can probably connect them directly (maybe you'll need a crossover cable). It works between 2 computers.

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I beleive both the SonicOrbiter SE and the MicroRendu need a router to assign DHCP. Is there any SQ difference in connecting the NAS and streamer to a switch that is then connected to a router vs connecting the NAS and streamer directly to the router's built-in switch?

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