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Unified Firmware 5.1 'Gelato'

AMR/iFi audio

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Unified Firmware 5.1

Gelato and then some







Southport, UK – 18th February 2016




Latest Unified Firmware v5.1 ‘Gelato’ (for Stereo 50 /micro iDSD / micro iDAC2 / nano iDSD)


The very latest in-house firmware[1] version 5.1 for ALL iFi products[2] is available:



  1. All-new XMOS ‘deep-core processes’ software for different behaviour of SPDIF (after XMOS previously modified the USB section).
  2. Enables DSD256 for 48kHz based sample rates up-conversion when using DSD256 in DoP mode.
  3. Fixed issues surrounding DoP standard; including ‘clicks’ when changing tracks and sonic differences to native DSD and other minor bug fixes.



For customers with particular requirements, there are two firmware sub-versions (PLEASE read carefully):


2) For nano iDSD and micro iDAC2 v5.1A - Enables DOP256 operation



  • This enables DSD256(DoP) operation, which requires 768kHz PCM at the USB interface level.
  • Nano iDSD and micro iDAC2 CANNOT decode 768kHz at the DAC level, but they can all be programmed to receive 768kHz PCM at the USB interface level hence enable DSD256(DoP).
  • With 5.1A, the user MUST make sure to manually alter the PCM audio settings correctly (especially Mac), otherwise there will be no audio output at all.
  • In other words, when playing PCM files, the sample rate must NOT set to be higher than 384kHz. Only set the sampling rate to 768kHz when one wants to play DSD256(DoP).
  • There is no need to use this firmware if one uses ‘native mode’ (not DoP) to play DSD or DSD files are not played at all.
  • Do NOT use 5.1A on any other products other than nano iDSD and micro iDAC2.


3) For iDSD micro Firmware v5.1B - Disable Sleep Mode (Smartphone users ONLY)


  • This is strictly for Smartphone users ONLY, there is no other reason to use 5.1B on the micro iDSD.
  • The micro iDSD micro will try to recharge while in Sleep Mode (e.g. when connected to a PC). If connected to a Smartphone which is ‘seen’ as a computer, it will recharge via the Smartphone.
  • 5.1B disables the Sleep Mode within the micro iDSD; hence it will no longer try to recharge during Sleep Mode and flatten the Smartphone’s battery.
  • Do NOT use 5.1B on any other products other than micro iDSD.




For detailed instructions and the download files, please follow this link:


Download | iFi Audio


or on the website, select 'Support' > 'Download'



[1] WARNING: Do NOT flash non-iFi products on the XMOS platform with iFi firmware!

[2] iFi Native DSD-capable DACs so original iDAC excluded so do NOT update using v5.10.

Our PowerStation is here: click me!


Check out our Tidal MQA Set-up Guides below. 
Android (Renderer) Mobile
Desktop (Decoder) via USB
Desktop (Decoder) via SPDIF

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